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Shane Koyczan Highlights the Importance of Acceptance in His Self-Worth Speech

 - May 16, 2013
References: shanekoyczan & youtube
Schools systems are housed for one main purpose, which is to teach students, but far too often educators and administrators dismiss the facet of emotional stability of the students as Shane Koyczan dictates in his self-worth speech. Koyczan provides an arousing speech later accompanied by the his beautifully created spoken-word 'To This Day.'

Parents and guardians teach children to stand up for themselves when faced with a dilemma. At a young age, children are already asked to define who they are with that statement of self-identity says Koyczan. If children don't label themselves early on, then their peers will do so.

Children have been conditioned by society to accept the type of identity that was placed upon them. Dismissing the preconceived notions of society to create an identity for themselves is what Koyczan showcases in his self-worth speech.