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Paul Ekman's Lie Detecting Speech Discusses Facial Expressions

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: youtube
Emotion detecting expert Paul Ekman talks about how facial expressions can give someone away in this lie detecting speech. Ekman discusses the reasons that people lie, ways to tell when a person is hiding something and why people may not want to know the truth.

Ekman says that while truth is important, people may not want to know when bad things are happening. He uses cheating on one's spouse as an example. While one would like to know the truth about their relationship, they'd be happier not knowing about emotional betrayals.

Paul Ekman tells viewers that there are small facial expressions one should look for when trying to detect hidden truths. He reveals that there are about 80 commonly used expressions that reveal what a person is feeling.

Ekman says that people are usually tempted to lie when trying to escape punishment, although there are other reasons. He explains that while a facial expression can reveal someone's emotions, they can sometimes be misleading.