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Michael Green's Speech on Development Discusses Social Progress

 - Dec 6, 2015
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In his speech on development, Michael Green discusses the global goals for international development by 2030 and if humanity can get there. The speaker believes we can, "but not with business as usual."

Citing the previous Millennium Development Goals for 2015 set by the United Nations where we exceeded the poverty goal due to economic growth, the speech on development explores how else we can make the world a better place in just 15 years. He uses the Social Progress Index to create a benchmark to measure against, which takes into account questions of basic needs and safety, health and foundations of wellbeing as well as opportunity and freedoms. It is clear that this time just economic growth is not sufficient to hit the new goals, but we must also greatly improve all countries by using wealth for the wellbeing of citizens.

The speech on development asks for people not to dismiss the goals or become pessimistic, but instead hold world leaders accountable with the People's Report Card.