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Bill Gates's Global Health Speech on Putting Systems in Place

 - Apr 6, 2015
In his global health speech, Bill Gates discusses how the ebola outbreak can serve as a warning to prepare for the next epidemic. He states the greatest risk for a global catastrophe where millions of lives would be lost is a highly infectious virus. However, we are not prepared to stop an epidemic should it took place.

Using ebola as an example, the global health speech explains how it was an international failure no system is in place, specifically that there were no epidemiologists, delayed and inaccurate case reports, no medical team ready to go nor treatment approaches in place.

Even though there were 10,194 deaths, a lack of preparedness means the next epidemic could be dramatically more devastating. The global health speech insists we build a global alert and response system (possibly enabled by smartphones, satellite maps and advances in biology) by strengthening health systems, creating a medical corps, pairing medical and military forces, running simulations and stepping up research and development. Gates estimates the cost of doing this would be modest compared to the potential harm a lack of system would cause.