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Samantha Power's Speech on Equality Discusses the Responsibility of Women

 - May 29, 2015
In her speech on equality, Samantha Power addresses the graduating class of Barnard College. The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations discusses how to eliminate the remaining barriers to true equality, noting the special role women play.

She encourages the female college graduates not to let their doubts silence their voices, referencing what she calls the "bat cave" of insecurity. The speech on equality says doubt and self-awareness are more pronounced among women, and while you can't necessarily shed either, you also can't let these traits quiet you when you should be speaking up.

The UN Ambassador goes on to say it's not enough to find our own voices, we are also required to hear and lift up voices others don't hear. Taking on the struggles of people in society's blind spots is about recognizing past generations struggled so you would be free to fight for someone else. It's also not just about seeing the unseen, but making invisible problems visible. This means showing, not telling, people that change is possible.