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Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Change Address Makes a Passionate Plea

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his climate change address actor Leonardo DiCaprio opens the 2014 UN climate summit. The newly appointed United Nations Messenger of Peace begs the world leaders assembled to face the "difficult but achievable task" of climate change as the body will either "make history or be vilified by it."

The speaker observes the radical changes our ecosystems are going through is not a fictitious problem and pretending it's not real won't make it go away. He lists new and undeniable climate events such as intensifying droughts and acidifying oceans in addition to referencing the west Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, which are melting at rates decades ahead of scientists' projections.

The climate change address implores industries and governments to take decisive and large scale action by putting a price tag on carbon emissions, stopping government subsidies for oil, coal and gas companies and holding industrial polluters accountable. The speaker believes renewable energy is achievable and good economic policy. Leonardo DiCaprio also states climate change is a human rights debate and is a matter of our own survival.