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Hillary Clinton Speaks on Practical Sustainable Development

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: state.gov & youtube
Development of the world has been a process that has left the undeveloped or developing heavily in need of assistance. This has arisen through development for the sake of development, rather than the use of practical sustainable development. Hillary Clinton speaks on the need for this sustainable development and brings to it a pragmatic and realistic plan for change.

During her talk at the United Nations conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, on June 22nd 2012, Clinton lays out policies, resources and ideas for what constitutes sustainable development. Clinton's extensive international relations experience assists her in making a real commitment and understanding all the factors in play when it comes to development of second and third world nations in the areas of health, hunger and water.

While focusing on second and third world nations, Clinton also addresses first world nations and their responsibility to not only assist with nations and people in need, but also to their commitment to climate change and environmental sustainability.