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Yves Morieux's Productivity Talk Emphasizes the Need for Cooperation

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his productivity talk, Yves Morieux explains how the pillars of efficiency undermine performance and why cooperation is the key. The speaker positions productivity as "the principle driver of the prosperity of a society." However, global patterns indicate we are less productive than ever and as result generations are less well-off than preceding ones. He believes the way think about organization and venerate clarity, measurement and accountability are detrimental and counter-productive to human efforts.

The productivity emphasizes the need to cooperate rather than compete individually. In the modern world, it is more demanding to attract and retain customers, to compete on a global scale and to have value. The current train of thought is deteriorating performance as more processes are added and more time is wasted. Morieux encourages organizations to make it beneficial for individuals to cooperate.