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Eric Tsytsylin's Productivity Improvement Speech Analyzes Work Culture

 - Sep 25, 2013
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In his productivity improvement speech, Eric Tsytsylin discusses the important role of laughter not only as an ally to productivity, but also better business. This is because laughter increases happiness, creativity, analytic precision, optimism and personal connections. Beyond emotional well-being, laughter also has many physical benefits as it relieves stress, works abdominal muscles and is heart healthy. A study performed by Stanford University shows 30 seconds of deep belly laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of strenuous rowing.

To inject a sense of humor in the work place does not mean the office needs to turn into a circus. Many employers see laughing as a deterrent to productivity, but it is actually the opposite as it clears the mind and increases focus. The productivity improvement speech suggests funny routines and traditions can be inserted into any work culture. Examples include naming conference rooms silly things, rotating humorous quotes in email signatures, taco-eating contests and competitions to find the weirdest YouTube videos.