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The Michelle Lopez-Dohrn talks explain how she is establishing the Ojai Food Co-Op. The speaker...

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Michelle Lopez-Dohrn's Food Co-Op Presentation Emphasizes Democracy

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: ojaifoodcoop & youtu.be
In her food co-op presentation, Michelle Lopez-Dorhn shares her personal experience and how she is working to establish a food co-operative in the Ojai Valley in California. She sees this venture as an opportunity to build community, while growing the local economy and reducing its carbon footprint. The co-operative's aim is to be at least 50% locally sourced, and as environmentally friendly as possible. It will be profit-sustaining, pending an upcoming feasibility test. Profit-sustaining businesses differ from those that are profit-maximizing and from non-profit organizations as well.

In her food co-op presentation, the speaker highlights the democratic nature of these co-operatives. She also shares seven principles with audience, which demonstrate values like autonomy, co-operation, community, equality and equity. She notes the opportunities for co-ops are endless, and do not need to be limited to food.