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Steve Kotler's Hardworking Talk Recommends Slowing the Brain Down

 - Nov 13, 2014
References: youtube
Bestselling author Steve Kotler shares in his hardworking talk the concept that the brain actually functions better when it runs at a much slower pace. While functioning at a reduced pace might seem unproductive, slowing things down actually kickstarts the brain into an optimized conscious state that is ideal for getting work done.

According to Kotler, while it was once assumed that the brain functions best when it is running on full speed optimizing on all its faculties, in actuality we are diminishing our productivity. "And it turns out we had it exactly backwards," Kotler says. "Inflow parts of the brain aren’t becoming more hyperactive, they’re actually slowing down, shutting down." Taking the time to process our surroundings, easing into a more manageable work pace and find "cosmic unity" will help to stop the brain from shutting down.