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Michio Kaku's Dream Talk Explains The Psychology of Sleep Trances

 - Nov 3, 2014
References: youtube
Dr. Michio Kaku shares his thoughts on Freud's theory of psychology in his latest dream talk. Kaku argues that there is real science backing up Freud's hypothesis of how our subconscious mind functions when where are in a state of sleep trance.

Kaku beings his talk by addressing the many individuals that believe Freud's theories are nothing more than fluff by pointing out that science has proven that humans do have an unconscious mind located at the back of the brain. After explaining how the ego functions in conjunction with our prefrontal cortexes, Kaku explains the interesting point of how dreams tap into the emotions and fears of an individual. He says, "What is active when you dream is your amygdala. Now what does your amygdala govern? Fear and emotions."