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Sharon Eubank Discusses Life in Her Delaying Pace Speech

 - May 2, 2013
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It's often in today's society that people live hectic and busy lives and decreasing the amount of work and responsibility a person has isn't even thought of, but Sharon Eubank believes otherwise in her delaying pace speech.

Doing something without properly thinking it through has consequences -- like taking a Parisian year long trip as Eubank explains. Finding one's identity is a facet of life that many people don't contemplate about. The answer to that can only be answered by slowing down the frantic lives that many people go through, says Eubank.

Social innovation can only be attained if you slow down, according to Eubank. Slowing down forces people to pay attention to themselves. The answer of self-identification can be acquired by asking yourself how you spend your time each day, what dreams you have and by how you define the things important in your life.