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Steven Spielberg Gives a Moving Speech on Following Your Dreams

 - Feb 15, 2014
References: dreamworksstudios & youtube
Director Steven Spielberg gives an incredibly touching speech on following your dreams to a receptive audience.

Spielberg recounts a childhood moment that caused him to discover his passion and love for film making. One day in his youth his father had taken him to see his very first movie, and in that movie there was a big scene involving a train. Oddly enough, the movie made him more interested in trains more than anything and so he was given a train set. Spielberg would love spending time crashing his train sets together, however after being told to stop doing that he came up with the idea of filming them crashing so he could then relive the experience over and over. It was after that moment where his love of film making began.

Spielberg talks of one other moment in his speech on following your dreams, when someone had asked him in his early years what he did for a living, unprepared for the question he said he hastily said that he dreams for a living, realizing only later how true that statement was.