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Alexa Von Tobel Defines How to Tackle a Work Day in This Prioritizing Keynote

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: learnvest & fastcompany
Alexa Von Tobel discusses how she tackles her day in this prioritizing keynote.

Alexa explains that her secret to productivity is to do everything in 15- 30 minute increments, and she admits to scheduling her entire day that way. If there is something that she has planned, she will add it to her schedule so she can track it accordingly until it is complete.

By breaking up the day into smaller, realistic goals she is able to complete more, without the timely stress of deadlines. It also allows her to view tasks in comparison to other duties, which makes the entire work-filled day feel more reasonable. This strategic tactic is simple to achieve and less intense than trying to tackle all your projects without a deadline.