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Carlin Daharsh's Talk on Productivity Debunks Constantly Being Busy

 - Sep 6, 2014
In her talk on productivity, Carlin Daharsh breaks down the idea that the busier you are the more impressive you seem. The Nebraska Wesleyan University freshman notes that being busy is not indicative of a person's importance, despite what society may say. Everyone has an equal amount of time.

The young speaker notes that many people are busy being busy and as a result true productivity is pressed aside and people fail to realize their actual potential. She presses it upon her audience not to rush and to focus on what is important to them. The talk on productivity astutely states while you cannot be known for everything, everyone can be known for something. By placing your wholehearted attention on one dream instead of dividing your time among many pursuits, real change can occur. Otherwise people can miss things.