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Michael Kerr Shares Tips on Creating Happy and Healthy Work Environments

 - Feb 18, 2012
References: mikekerr & youtu.be
Productive work environment expert and author Michael Kerr shares his key tips in creating healthier and happier work environments. Known for his high energy and infectious personality, the speaker infuses his insightful talk with humor and imagination, proving that positivity prevails within the workplace.

Michael Kerr stresses the presence of culture within a workplace. Believing that success comes from creating an inspiring work environment, Kerr highlights the importance of doing what you love. When one is inspired by what they do, they will see value within their work and will be eager to put their best foot forward.

Describing how stress often leads to unhappiness at work, individuals are no longer putting effort into their appearance or their productivity. If work has no sense of purpose, passion or enthusiasm, individuals will become victim to the pressures of stress-filled situation.