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Writer AJ Jacobs Shares His Experiences of Bettering His Lifestyle

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: ajjacobs & youtu.be
AJ Jacobs, the author of three successful books, shares his experiences from his three year-long journeys to improve his mental, spiritual and physical health. This particular speech focuses on his efforts to create a healthier physical lifestyle. This speech by AJ Jacobs offers both insight and humor, as he candidly shares the successes and setbacks from his latest self-improvement endeavor.

At the time AJ Jacobs gave this speech, he had already subjected himself to seven months of grueling workouts, fad diets and hundreds of health products. With five months to go, Jacobs has already compiled a list of five pieces of advice to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle. They include keeping track of numbers (from calories to the number of steps taken each day with a pedometer), always be moving, treating the elderly kindly, designing a healthy environment and actively supporting one another. AJ Jacobs has discovered that being healthy is a full-time job that is time-consuming, but also very rewarding in the long run.