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Jason Womack's Time Management Speech Shows Why More Time is Not Better

 - Sep 15, 2012
References: womackcompany & youtu.be
Performance and productivity expert Jason Womack discusses why an extra 15 minutes each day will not help individuals accomplish more in this time management speech. People are constantly complaining about not having enough time the day to complete their to-do lists. From blaming it on meetings to too many phone calls and distractions, people are always coming up with new excuses for not being productive at work.

Womack believes more time in a work day will not enable individuals to be more productive and complete their list of things to do. With over 180 distractions coming at someone each day, an extra fifteen minutes really won't help anyone enough. Instead, Momack proposes 15 easy steps to take to becoming more productive and making the most out of your day. Some of these include turning off your phone and disconnecting from the Internet, turning off pop-ups and reminders on your computer and clearing all the clutter from your desk.

His time management keynote offers simple solutions, which people are often too lazy to implement, and would rather ask for more time.