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Teresa Amabile's Creative Productivity Keynote is Stark & Supportive

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: drfd.hbs.edu & youtube
Teresa Amabile talks about the damage that work disengagement exacts on employees and companies in this creative productivity keynote. She explains that there is a disengagement crisis in organizations. Many people at work and in their everyday lives are disengaged from what they do and their performance is suffering as a result. Job dissatisfaction equals slower revenue growth and lower profitability; in the United States alone, job disengagement costs roughly $300 billion annually.

Teresa Amabile argues that "work should ennoble not kill the human spirit." This crisis allows people to reevaluate how they operate and presents managers with the ability to revitalize creative productivity.

Moment to moment employee interaction and inner work life have an astounding impact on job satisfaction. The workplace should be a climate for attention where "people are looking for opportunities to support progress and nourish the people who are making it."