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This Tim Ferriss Keynote Encourages People to Challenge Phobias

 - May 19, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Tim Ferriss keynote the motivational speaker and productivity guru discusses tackling one's fear. The speech begins with a recounting of an experience Ferriss had in summer camp when a bully held him under water and he was convinced he would drown. Following this traumatic experience Ferriss was terrified of water. After living with a fear of water for some time, he decided to finally deconstruct the things that scared him.

When people develop fears the driving principles that encourage those phobias stem from "false constructs and untested assumptions." Rather than convincing yourself that something is beyond your ability, study exactly what it is that may be holding you back.

After demonstrating his struggle with swimming, languages and dancing, Tim Ferriss argues that, "fear shows you what you should do." Asking yourself "whats the worst that could happen?" and applying an analytical framework towards old fears and big dreams will result in rewarding accomplishments.