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Anthony Robbins Discusses Making a Big Difference

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: tonyrobbins & youtube
Anthony Robbins is a down-to-earth, inspiring speaker. His motivational words have reached over four million people, aiding audiences in both personal and professional matters. This speech explores the topic of self-improvement and the most effective ways to succeed in a career and on a personal level.

In his endearing address, Anthony Robbins discusses the huge difference a small amount of change can make. Using a personal golfing anecdote, he illustrates the power of patience and self-reflection. When things appear to be lost to chaos, it may just be that your actions are only slightly off. He reviews the value in taking the time to evaluate the things that work and that do not work, and to not give up after one failed attempt.

Packed with personal anecdotes and inspiring stories of others, this keynote by Anthony Robbins demonstrates how everyone can achieve their goals and be successful, no matter how many setbacks they encounter throughout their journey of life.