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Allison Johnson's Marketing Techniques Keynote is Smart and Useful

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: west-sf & vimeo
Having worked directly under Steve Jobs as the VP of Marketing at Apple, Allison Johnson's marketing techniques keynote emphasizes the importance of providing the consumer with only useful and valuable content via marketing.

As the former head of marketing at Apple, Johnson was in charge of the iPhone campaigns which she shares with the audience -- she also shares some stories of how Steve Jobs emphasized on marketing as an overall part of the products created.

Johnson also discusses the importance of authenticity and how the misuse of terms like brand and marketing can actually work against a product. In her marketing techniques keynote, Johnson states that to do marketing right all companies need to focus on is on using marketing techniques that are "super clear, simple and help people use the product."

She advises companies to use valuable content, active engagement tools and only advertise something that really will make a difference in people's lives.