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Zoe Chance’s Compulsive Behavior Speech Has Great Implication

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: faculty.som.yale.edu & youtube
In her compulsive behavior speech, Zoe Chance gives us a framework of five human needs that can help us to make any behavior we want compulsive.

The Assistant Professor of Marketing at Yale University begins her keynote on making behavior addictive by relating a story about a time when she became addicted to using a pedometer. Wondering why this behavior became so addictive for her, and then later her sister, Chance would later be told by Tony Robbins, of the framework of the five human needs. The five human needs are: significance, certainty, variety, connection and growth. Provided that the behavior is able to meet three of the five needs in a meaningful way, it will become addictive.

The points made in Zoe Chance’s compulsive behavior speech can have tremendous implications in helping us to make any positive behavior we want, a compulsive one.