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Barbara Corcoran's Hiring Practices Talk Utilizes Unconventional Methods

 - May 11, 2014
References: youtube
Barbara Corcoran advises small business owners to disregard resumes in her unconventional hiring practices talk. The renowned real estate mogul, business consultant and television personality learned what makes a good manager or salesperson through a process of trial and error. Now, she simply looks for a specific set of traits, and ignores the rest.

When it comes to salespeople, Corcoran suggests that you hire someone who's insecure. Though this might sound counter-intuitive, Corcoran has found that insecure salespeople seek out to prove themselves, making them go above and beyond their cockier counterparts. She also seeks a positive attitude coupled with a strong work ethic to ensure a high level of success.

When it comes to choosing a manger, Corcoran looks for loyalty over anything else. She likens having a good manager to building a house on a steady foundation. Again, a positive attitude is imperative, but only when it's paired with an ability to follow through.