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J.T. Allen Illustrates the Key Attributes of a Good Manager or Executive

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: articles.businessinsider & youtu.be
Entrepreneur, former consultant for Ernst & Young and founder and CEO of myFootpath J.T. Allen illustrates the important attributes CEOs need to look for when hiring effective managers and executives. He states experience as the most important factor he looks at when hiring new team members. If someone is knowledgeable and experienced, they will do a better, more effective and faster job than those who remain in the process of learning and understanding.

J.T. Allen compares small start-up corporations with large established companies by recognizing that one needs to take every resource that they can get when starting a business. Despite of this, the entrepreneur's views differ for developed firms. He states that CEOs must prioritize and think seriously about where they need to be heading.

Allen explains the importance of experienced employees who are experts in their field. He urges CEOs to look for determined and dedicated workers who are bound to be an efficient addition to any corporate team.