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Shelley Correll's Gender Stereotypes Speech Talks Perceptions

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: vimeo
Shelley Correll's gender stereotypes speech highlights important issues that continue to hold back many women in their careers and it also offers solutions to create equal opportunities for everyone on a team.

She pinpoints gender stereotypes as being at the root of leaders and recruiters making poor decisions when it comes to hiring someone new or evaluating one's performance. She explains how gender stereotypes lead to people changing their criteria so that it can be justified when it favors a man.

Correll's solutions are largely based on awareness. She believes that many people are not doing this on purpose, but instead are relying on their perceptions of gender stereotypes as shortcuts for decision-making. She believes that leaders need to have a clear set of criteria laid out -- either for hiring or for performance-related things -- to ensure that biases are not being applied.