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Translating fear or paranoia into a productive or healthy act is the focus of Karen Thompson's...

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Karen Thompson Introduces Productive Paranoia in This Embracing Fear Speech

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: theageofmiraclesbook & youtu.be
Karen Thompson, the author of 'The Age of Miracles,' delivers an interesting embracing fear speech explaining how people's fears can actually be used to kick start ideas and help businesses prepare for disaster. She encourages her audience to view fears as stories, as themselves as the author to these stories.

Like stories, one's fears have characters and plots. As the author of our own fears, we can choose to read them in ways that can have profound impacts on our future.

Thompson then introduces the concept of productive paranoia, which enables people such as entrepreneurs or CEOs to translate their fears into action and preparation so that their businesses were ready should disaster strike.

Thompson ends her embracing fear speech by stating that fears are an amazing gift of the imagination and when properly read, fears can offer insight, wisdom and the truth.