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Kent Nichols' Honesty in Marketing Speech Asks Businesses to Embrace Consumers

 - Nov 23, 2012
References: askaninja & player.vimeo
Co-creator of, Kent Nichols, shares the process of creating his famous podcast, Ask a Ninja, to urge businesses and marketers to be honest in what they wish to communicate with their audiences in his honesty in marketing speech.

Inspired by his co-creator Douglas Sarine's lack of success in Hollywood, the pair opted to see what two people could create outside spotlight of mass media. The eccentric creator of the website features hyperbolic spoof videos of how the ninja is perceived in pop culture. Originally featuring short clips filmed with a budget of less than $10, Ask a Ninja has been viewed over 150 million times with a book published on it.

As Nichols describes the struggles, inspirations and thought process behind the project and podcasts, he explains that websites and businesses must embrace their consumers as well and "experience the space together." To do so, they must be honest and open to feedback and criticism. By masking the true intentions behind certain marketing tactics or campaigns, consumers will only feel used and become disjointed from the brand, destroying consumer loyalty altogether.