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Pete Warden Encourages Experimentation in This Unstructured Data Keynote

 - Aug 17, 2012
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In this unstructured data keynote, data scientist and a former Apple engineer Pete Warden encourages people to tap into unexpected resources. Instead of pursuing structured data, Warden believes companies should tap into their own data source that is often dismissed for being too messy and unstructured. His reasoning behind embracing the chaos of unstructured data is because oftentimes, structured data may be better, however it comes with a price. Whether it is high cost or usage restrictions, structured data is hard to access -- unstructured data is everywhere and more importantly free.

By rethinking our approach to data as Warden has, companies and people can look into public databases that provide free information to be used and analyzed. Many critics of this say that unstructured data is usually lower quality, but Warden rebuts this by stating searches can be optimized in order to find the highest quality information.