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The Sophie Chiche Accomplishing Goals Keynote Encourages Growth

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: sophiechiche & youtube
The Sophie Chiche accomplishing goals keynote talks about the importance of following through with dreams and aspirations. Whatever you want to achieve, whether it be continuing your education or losing weight, you need to be able to focus in on your drive and not allow negative thoughts to pull you away from it.

Chiche points out that a lot of these negative thoughts that we have that seem to drag our focus away are outdated. We need to focus on having accurate thoughts about where we are now in life and that our goals are attainable. She also reminds us not to hide our feelings but to embrace them, because if we embrace them then we are far more likely to accomplish more things. She also believes that we need to stop letting other people's opinions be more important than our own. Once we can start to do this, then ultimately we'll feel freer and more confident about doing things for ourselves. Her final piece of advice is to realize for yourself that you deserve good things.