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The John Halcyon Styn Gratitude Keynote is Uplifting and Heartwarming

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: johnstyn & youtube
The John Halcyon Styn Gratitude keynote is inspirational, motivational and heartwarming. Styn shares his fond memories of his grandfather with an audience and reminds us that there are so many great things about life.

Styn was web-obsessed since the mid 90s and loved to share everything about himself with the world. Styn took his love for broadcasting and turned it into a channel for love, appreciation and gratitude towards the world. He would co-host web-cam talks with his grandfather and his grandfather in turn would share his intense state of gratitude towards the world.

Styn wants everyone to share this uplifting feeling, so he gives us a way of doing it, and he calls it "Crap or Cone." When you're stuck in crap, you've got people who don't like you, work to be done etc., however you're still holding the cone, which means you have things like you favorite music, or sunsets. Styn shares a very moving view when he says, "the degree in which you enjoy your life is vastly determined on where you place your focus." If you remember these positive things you'll be a much happier and grateful person.

Styn believes you'll be so much richer in life once you start focusing on the good things. He reminds us that, it is not an us versus them world, we're all in this together.