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Alan Siegel Explains Why This Form of Language is Too Complex

 - Jan 7, 2012
References: siegelonbranding & youtube
In this insightful keynote, Alan Siegel proposes that we simplify the language behind legal jargon. He explains to his audience how public officials are writing bills that are unintelligible and way too long, creating utter confusion for anyone trying to understand their content.

He shows how this kind of paperwork is used to confuse, deter and deceive people from pursuing goals that may require them to read over it, and how this complex, incomprehensible language is making life more difficult for so many individuals. In this speech, Alan Siegel suggest that we change the way this kind of language is written. In doing so, it is his belief that we can achieve a form of legal writing that incorporates a more humane form of communication that is simple, clear and more empathetic.