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Caroline Casey Examines How to Maximize One's Potential

 - Dec 24, 2011
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In her ‘Looking Past Limits’ keynote activist Caroline Casey speaks about the hardships of being legally blind and how it relates to peoples’ biased perceptions about what a disabled person can achieve. She informs the audience of her parents’ daring choice not to place her in a special needs school where she would be labeled as a person with limits on her potential, and about how they raised her as a person with full vision. By changing the way people think about themselves, and by removing limits, they can maximize their potential; this is the lesson that Casey teaches based on her life experiences in her inspirational ‘Looking Past Limits’ keynote. By taking this very same lesson and putting it in a business context, Casey demonstrates to the crowd that businesses are capable of achieving much more when they challenge others’ perceptions of what they can accomplish and think of their growth as one without limits. Caroline Casey motivates and empowers the audience to become a visible entity in the world of business and in life in general, with her upbeat outlooks on her personal situation.