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Karen Tse Discusses the Torturous Legal Practices Around the World

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this speech, Karen Tse, a former public defender and now a dedicated social activist, discusses the growing problem of routine torture as an investigative tool in legal systems in the developing world. She shares her experience in Cambodia, describing political prisoners as only a small percentage of the individuals facing torturous acts. Karen Tse explains how torture, as an investigative tool, is applied in an alarmingly high number of regular judicial cases in the developing world. In 93 of the 113 developing countries that have passed laws making it compulsory for individuals to have access to a lawyer, 95% of torture is linked to broken legal systems.

While Karen Tse identifies torture as the cheapest form of legal investigation, she also presents three solutions. Karen Tse believes that the global community can put an end to torture as an investigative tool by training, empowering and connecting defenders worldwide, by ensuring systematic early access to council and by making a commitment to these goals.