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I'm 29 years old. I have a college degree in Advertisment, but I never worked with commercials whatsoever.

Instead I chose (not exactly a conscious decision) to wander around the fashion world. I worked for 3 years in retail as a sales consultant and visual merchandiser. I really enjoy studying so I started a MBA in Fashion Business Management which I didn't conclude. Last year I attended a a Fashion Buyer Course. I didn't get the chance to work in the market (yet!) but the experience was very fulfilling. As fashion buyer you're supposed to work with the fashion designer in order to make her or his vision for each collection more realistic and racional. You have to plan and execute every aspect of the current collection and be very organized.

These are the most important things I learned: the concept of cultural relativity and the sense of alterity. For that matter, there's no shocking image for me, because eveything is possible and anything is fascinating.
I also learned the importance of multidisciplinarity and that's probably why I'm also very interested in graphic design, architecture, photography and art.

Electronic Music, TV Shows and movies are my other obsessions . I also love learning language. English comes more natural to me, but I have some notion of Italian and French. I also love everything that's Japanese, the sunrise, the sunset and my crazy friends.