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Hot Trends

Versatile Weighted Blankets
Versatile Weighted Blankets
Huglee Incorporates Industry Feedback for a Flawless Design
Huglee is the latest entry in the heavy blanket industry. With its unique double stitching, perfect weight distribution, hypoallergenic glass bead filler and reinforced materials, it offers... MORE
Antioxidant Greek Yogurts
Antioxidant Greek Yogurts
Longevity Diet Foods' Healthy Greek Yogurts Boast Enriched Ingredients
Longevity Diet Foods recently introduced a range of healthy Greek yogurt cups that are enhanced with functional ingredients like grape polyphenols, premium ceremonial matcha and inulin. The new... MORE
Vape-Like Inhalable Nutrient Pens
Vape-Like Inhalable Nutrient Pens
Nutriair Offers a More Convenient Means of Increasing Nutrition
The convenience of vaping is now being extended to those looking for a boost of nutrients with the introduction of a new product entitled Nutriair—a vape-like device that offers inhalable... MORE
Water-Resistant Wireless Chargers
Water-Resistant Wireless Chargers
The ONYXX Wireless Smartphone Charger is Highly Durable
Whether one is on a road trip or camping in the forest, the ONYXX wireless smartphone charger is a trustworthy companion to any mobile device. The product is iOS and Android compatible, boasting a... MORE
Pressurized Portable Coffee Makers
Pressurized Portable Coffee Makers
The 'SteepShot' is Simple with Just Two Components
Coffee culture is seeing consumers seek out ways to prepare their favorite hot drinks from wherever they are, so companies are responding with new solutions like the ‘SteepShot’ portable... MORE
Instant Ice Cream Makers
Instant Ice Cream Makers
Barry Callebaut is Introducing a Nespresso-Style System for Ice Cream
Just as there are at-home machines for pouring fresh, single servings of coffee, wine and juice, Barry Callebaut is teaming up with Solo Gelato to create a Nespresso-style capsule system for fresh... MORE
Creative Monster-Fighting Blankets
Creative Monster-Fighting Blankets
The Force Field Cloak Was Made for Children Afraid of the Dark
Fear of the dark is a common phobia among children, which is why designers Terry Sachetti and Aaron Bible created the ‘Force Field Cloak’—an inventive tool that offers frightened... MORE
Stylish Inexpensive Technology Gloves
Stylish Inexpensive Technology Gloves
The 'napo' Touchscreen Leather Gloves are Chic Yet Comfy
The ‘napo’ Touchscreen Leather Gloves are a newly created option when it comes to keeping your hands toasty warm during the cold weather without losing the connection to the smart... MORE
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Tiny Portable Universal Chargers
Lightr's Strengths Lie in Its Charging Capacity & Tiny Silhouette
Lightr is a newly released portable universal charger that is environmentally friendly and exceptionally convenient. Essentially, the product completely rethinks the concept of a power bank and... MORE
Ergonomic Standing Desk Chairs
Ergonomic Standing Desk Chairs
Ergo Impact's LeanRite Elite Supports Sitting, Leaning & Perching
Ergo Impact launched a new wellness-centric design for the workplace that comes in the form of a highly adaptable standing desk chair. Standing desks are known for many health benefits and this new... MORE
play_circle_filled Claustrophobic Movie Screenings
Claustrophobic Movie Screenings
The World's Most Claustrophobic Cinema Offers a Scary Experience
Horror movies can easily induce fear into its viewers, but the The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema is taking this one step further by offering a multi-sensory movie screening in which... MORE
Functional Breakfast Subscriptions
Functional Breakfast Subscriptions
Happy Healthy Shares Single-Serve Smoothies, Acai Bowls & More
‘Happy Healthy’ is the name of a new brand from Imperial Frozen Foods that is set to share Non-GMO Project verified smoothies, overnight oats and acai bowls with consumers in convenient... MORE
play_circle_filled Online Logo Maker Tool
Online Logo Maker Tool
Logo Verge is an online logo designing software create your logo in minutes
Logo Verge is a brand that offers professional logo designing services. It provides users with a list of exclusive services that include a free version of their logo design. With this, consumers can... MORE
Top 45 Unique Trends in June
Top 45 Unique Trends in June
From Fanny Pack-Infused Slides to Comfy Bread-Shaped Sofas
These June 2018 unique products and experiences are bound to peak everyone’s interest. From the oddness of the royal family-themed swimsuits to the adorable functionality of the mechanically... MORE
play_circle_filled Customizable Espadrille Shoes
Customizable Espadrille Shoes
The Afridrille is Handmade in Kenya and Designed in Austin
The Afridrille is a customizable espadrille introduced in a fashion-forward crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The first fully customizable espadrille shoe embodies social good through the... MORE
Triplicate Kindergarten Designs
Triplicate Kindergarten Designs
Sanhuan Kindergarten is Arranged in Three Interwoven Rings
The Chinese kindergarten system comprises three grades, each with learning objectives that gradually distinguish themselves from the previous year, and Sanhuan Kindergarten is expressly designed to... MORE
Exponential Book Chapters
Exponential Book Chapters
Dean Furman's Book 'Exponential Potential' Explores Businness Growth
‘Exponential Potential’ is a newly released book, that captivates readers and gives the tools to grow their business, innovate and disrupt their industry. The author, Dean Furman used... MORE
Clutter-Free Presentation Creators
Clutter-Free Presentation Creators
Haiku Deck Can Be Used on Computers, iPads or iPhones
Haiku Deck is a presentation-creating platform that can be used in a web browser on computers, iPhones, or iPads. The app focused on simplicity and clarity, offering a no-frills approach to... MORE
Natural Hair Growth Supplements
Natural Hair Growth Supplements
Retain by Sayer Care Treats the Three Causes of Hair Loss
Hair loss affects a wide array of different people for many reasons, so the Retain by Sayer Care supplement has been formulated to help act as a way to combat against it. The product works by... MORE
play_circle_filled Relaxing Labyrinth Toys
Relaxing Labyrinth Toys
'Zenth' is a Sculptural 3D Toy to Calm and Quiet the Mind
Zenth is a sculptural labyrinth designed to quiet the mind and provide relief from day-to-day stressors and distractions. For centuries, people have walked though labyrinths to relax, exercise... MORE
Non-Linear Building Blocks
Non-Linear Building Blocks
The Bokah Blocks Wooden Construction Toys Expand Creative Boundaries
Many of the toys on the market are designed to help kids play in a somewhat linear fashion which can be somewhat limiting, so the Bokah Blocks are wooden construction toys that won’t limit... MORE
play_circle_filled Bespoke Leather Boots
Bespoke Leather Boots
Heimdall Creates Made-to-Order and RTW Traditional Handmade Leather Boots
Heimdall introduces classic traditional handmade leather boots from Indonesia. Using a hand welted construction technique, it passionately dedicates itself to the crafting of shoes and boots that... MORE
play_circle_filled Unbreakable USB Cables
Unbreakable USB Cables
The USB93 Doesn't Bend, But Rotates for a Two-in-One Cable Design
The USB93 is the world’s only unbreakable, fully flexible USB cable. The USB93 rotates and doesn’t bend. Its ingenious metal ball design with extra room for wire provides 90-degree... MORE
play_circle_filled Pop-Up Ring Cases
Pop-Up Ring Cases
The Grace Ring Case Adds a Dash of Flair to One's Gift Giving
Jewelry is timeless as a gift, but that doesn’t mean that the presentation behind gifting jewelry won’t end up being stale, and the Grace ring case is designed precisely to add even more... MORE