The World's Most Claustrophobic Cinema Offers a Scary Experience

 - Jan 9, 2019
Horror movies can easily induce fear into its viewers, but the The World's Most Claustrophobic Cinema is taking this one step further by offering a multi-sensory movie screening in which guests watch a film from inside of a Sarcophagus.

This terrifying experience is taking place at the Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden. The exclusive screening will play the Nordic premiere of the highly anticipated sci-fi film, Aniara. Based off a poem written by Harry Martinson, Aniara follows characters as they're forced to leave Earth in a spaceship, where they grapple with " obsessions, isolation and limited space."

Each of the isolated Sarcophagi are monitored and equipped with ventilation systems and a panic button, should the experience become too overwhelming for the viewer.