From HDR Dual-Camera Doorbells to Smart Laundering Closets

 - Jan 11, 2019
These smart home innovations at CES 2019 range from HDR dual-camera doorbells to smart laundering closets. Standouts include the new LG Styler Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door model. The product was recently launched as part of the 'LG Ultimate Laundry Room' range and won an Innovation Award at the Las Vegas tech showcase.

DUX and stellé's voice-controlled bed with Amazon Alexa controls is another notable example that aims to enhance bedtime rituals with tech integration. The connected furniture piece will allow sleepers to control IOT smart home devices seamlessly from their bed while accessing weather reports and more.

The Maximus 'Answer' doorbell -- capable of recording 1080p HDR video content -- round off this list of smart home innovations at CES 2019. The product is also equipped with a two-way communication speaker while Maximus hopes to add capabilities like alarm activation in the near future.