New Study Called 'The Zone of Comfort' Concludes That 3D is Hurting Us

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: & techcrunch
Published today in the Journal of Vision, a new study by optometry professor Martin S. Banks called 'Zone of Comfort' conclusively demonstrates the adverse effects of 3D displays on humans. So, before you pick up your next stereoscopic display -- whether it's a Nintendo DS, a new television or a smartphone -- you might want to read this.

The scientific term is "vergence-accommodation," which is a phenomenon which occurs when your eyes are forced to simultaneously adjust to the distance of the screen and that of the 3D image. According to the research divulged in Zone of Comfort, too much exposure will often cause visual discomfort, exhaustion and acute headaches.

Although you may feel discouraged about buying that new 3D television, don't. The effects are rarely long-term and can be regulated by a little personal moderation. However, it's important to remember that children -- the target audience of products like the Nintendo 3D-S -- have a particular susceptibility to vergence-accommodation and should have their playtime supervised.