The LG Optimus 3D Ads are a Humorous Depiction of Real Life

 - Jul 23, 2011
References: yr & adsoftheworld
These LG Optimus 3D ads definitely take advantage of the humor of everyday. From beer bellies to enormous ears, these familiar images are presented in a new and entertaining way.

Advertising agency Y&R in Paris, France have created the LG Optimus 3D ads to draw in customers for the company's new Smartphone. The caption 'For more realistic pictures' is definitely illustrated in this campaign; the image titled 'Ears' features a boy with abnormally large ears that go past the parameters of the phone's screen.

Check out the ads for yourself to get a quick laugh.

Implications - Modern society presents so many new stresses every day that consumers are beginning to look towards their purchases for some relief. Products containing an element of humor are attractive to shoppers who don't have the time to enjoy certain things. Practical items that provide an aspect of whimsy could help a company grow its brand to an even greater level of popularity.