'The World of the Senses' Explores a Surrealistic Realm of Being

 - Feb 3, 2015
References: behance.net
Huainan Li, a photographer based out of Beijing, China, explores 'The World of the Senses' with his latest project.

Li's stoic-looking subjects gaze out of their various sunglasses only to glimpse surreal, fantastical landscapes which range from electrifying plumes of dust to awe-inspiring stretches of mountain. The girls' makeup reflects whatever scene they're looking at through their frames, be it a senseless mass of red destruction or a breathtaking planetary sight.

Overall, Li's 'The World of the Senses' gives viewers the impression that the subjects are portals into other realms and dimensions that we are not necessarily privy to. They are supernatural, omnipotent beings that can see, touch, taste and hear far beyond our limited scope.