The WoodcutEmporium Turns Pop Culture into Stained Wood

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: thisisnthappiness & laughingsquid
The WoodcutEmporium Etsy shop is creating some solid and timeless pieces for people that have a soft spot for pop culture. Getting a poster of Batman or a painting of Darth Vader is nice, but having something as permanent as a woodcut is on a higher level.

The woodcuts that the WoodcutEmporium make are nothing to be scoffed at. The pieces are not only beautiful, but extremely intricate. You can get a woodcut of various things as well, a Darth Vader samurai, Grumpy cat and even Batman.

The artist responsible for these sturdy pieces of art if the one and only Brian Reedy, a true professional and one of the more skilled woodworkers around. Using different kinds of staining and carving, Reedy highlights an Asian flair with the pieces as well, making for a unique a woodcut as I've ever seen.