This Wireless Kiosk has Touchscreen Functions and Windows 8.1 Software

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: bsminfo
AML introduced its latest wireless kiosk innovation called the Monarch Interactive Kiosk. This particular kiosk is run on Windows 8.1 and provides consumers with immediate facts regarding product price and information.

There are many updated features in the Monarch Interactive Kiosk that allow it to conduct tablet-like functions. These kiosks aim to provide consumers with direct information simply by scanning products. In addition to scanning bar codes, this machine uses Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. The wireless kiosk is powered through Ethernet, which eliminates that need for batteries or wall outlets.

The use of Windows 8.1 allows developers at AML to create and continuously update apps for the kiosks. Since the kiosk is compatible with enterprise application software, there are countless apps that will be able to sync with its current and future functions. In addition, the entire kiosk is touchscreen -- just like a tablet.