KitKat's Newest Flavor Mimics the Taste of Traditional Plum Sake

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: & soranews24
KitKat recently added to its assortment of unique confections with wine-flavored chocolates that emulate the taste of plum sake.

In 2016, KitKat introduced Sake KitKat with 0.8% alcohol and a flavor that paid tribute to traditional Japanese rice wine. Inspired by the success of the product and a desire to satisfy consumers with refined palates, Nestlé collaborated with Japanese soccer star and sake connoisseur Hidetoshi Nakata, who has his own brand of sake.

Now, KitKat's newest rice wine-inspired chocolate is being unveiled in collaboration with the Heiwa Shuzou brewery. As such, the Kit Kat Ume Sake is a Japan-exclusive product that celebrates the unique flavor of the premium local plums that are grown in the Wakayama Prefecture of the country.