Wine RayZyn Makes Snacks from Hand-Harvested Wine Grapes

 - Feb 10, 2018
References: rayzyn & candyindustry
In the eyes of some consumers, raisins are much less exciting to consume than fresh grapes or wine—but Wine RayZyn is out to change this by making snacks from wine grapes.

Wine RayZyn recently added to its existing CabernayZyns variety, with two all-new flavors: MerlayZyns and ChardonayZyns. These snacks made from hand-harvested wine grapes include the skin and seeds to provide the utmost fiber, nutrients and antioxidant content—this unique feature is also said to give the raisin snacks a crunch.

In terms of taste, Wine RayZyn co-founder Andrew Cates describes the CabernayZyns (made from Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes) as being like "cabernet jam wrapped around a toasted pine nut." On the other hand, the ChardonayZyns (made from Chardonnay wine grapes) are said to have notes of toasted caramel, apricot, crème brûlée and green apple; Cates affectionately calls this variety "nature’s gummy bear."