This Whiskey is Made Using Techniques from Wine Making

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: highspirewhiskey & food52
Austin Hope is revolutionizing the liquor industry by putting together the worlds of whiskey and wine making with his alcohol brand Highspire. The brand makes its high-quality whiskey using techniques popular in creating wine to give the whiskey an unconventional and artisan taste.

The difference between Hope's whiskey making process and traditional routes is that Hope focuses on using wine barrels to produce the liquor. Hope uses both Syrah and Cabernet oak barrels that are charred to create the whiskey and also lets the liquid age for approximately 130 days. The end result is a whiskey infused with fruity and robust notes from the wine barrels' previous use. The wine whiskey is ideal to use in cocktails to add an unlikely fruity flavor.