The Dominic Wilcox Bread Lampshade is Scrumptiously Artistic and Functional

 - Sep 15, 2010
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As part of a Speed Creating project, Dominic Wilcox created the Wilcox Bread Lampshade that is not only original and innovative, but also happens to be aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for home use, the Wilcox Bread Lampshade is sure to get a lot of attention and comments.

The Wilcox Bread Lampshade was made from bread flour with no yeast. A lightbulb was then tested inside to ensure the right amount of thickness to emit light. A large circular shape of dough was then draped over a large glass, put in the oven, and left to harden. To prevent the shade from going mouldy, varnish was painted on top. Brilliant.