From Plant-Feeding Urinals to Personified Flower Pots

 - Jun 28, 2011
For anyone who believed that a garden was strictly for the great outdoors, think again, because these provocative planters will make flowers grow from almost anything -- including urinals.

Nowadays, a plant can grow out of a variety of designs such as sinks and even tables. These designs can spice up a home as not many homeowners have a table lying around covered in flowers. For anyone who has a lack of space in his residence, there are also flower pots designed as shelves to fit perfectly on a variety of walls. No matter what one's preference is for home decor, these planted pot options provide plenty to choose from.

Implications - Consumers are looking to express their individuality through the products they buy, and the above commodity allows consumers to feel unique. Companies will benefit from personalizing their products to address this growing desire.