Tree-Planting Latern by Franklin Gaw Lets Hikers Give Back to the Planet

 - May 13, 2011
References: franklingaw & treehugger
The tree-planting lantern designed by Franklin Gaw is an innovative concept for campers to preserve the planet while camping in the wilderness. To accompany hikers and campers during times when the sun has gone down, Franklin Gaw's tree-planting lantern will guide people through the woods while simultaneously growing a small tree within its walls.

A sapling tree will grow within the lantern while campers hike and will be planted into the ground once campers reach their final destination. The final version of the product is not yet available, but its concept is certainly something that all environmental enthusiasts and regular campers can appreciate. The tree-planting lantern will use an LED light bulb and an removable top or lid to avoid over-heating and burning the growing tree.